Dutch tulip fields - a must visit!

Dutch tulip fields - a must visit!

The Netherlands and flowers, those two words are inseparable. The same goes for Lazamani and flowers. We are well known for our leather flower slippers. Every year we design a new variant with new colors. Just like the Dutch tulip growers. They also develop new surprising combinations every year. Dutch tulip season runs from the end of March until mid May. 

This year, Naomi Louwerens, better known as Authenticchica visited the Tulip Store Showgarden and Van der Slot Tulip fields. 

Our famous leather flower slippers in the colorful tulip fields. What's not to love? Color blocking is everything!
Naomi is wearing flower slippers 33.753 orange.

We adore the vintage Fiat 500! Would you see yourself driving through the tulip fields? Naomi sure does! She is wearing beaded sandals 75.502 tan. The colors and patterns are beautiful on your feet and they are easy to combine with any outfit.

Pick flowers with us. Smell and smile!

The colors of nature always inspire us. We find a way to use them in our own patterns and designs. For example in the beaded slippers that Naomi is wearing: 75.780 off white.


We're full of new inspiration and we cannot wait for next year's tulip season! 
Thank you Naomi! 

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