B.E.A.C.H. Please!

The temperatures are finally rising. Which means, even if we have just one day off, we go to the beach! The Dutch coastline is over 450 kilometers long and beautiful beaches can be found all along the coast. It's such a nice escape from the busy city-life. Beach bars, lounge music, a tasty cocktail, and of course a fresh new pair of Lazamani's, it feels like Bali, but Larissa is actually at B.E.A.C.H (Best Escape Anyone Can Have) in Noordwijk

The dress, sunglasses and jewelry paired with our flower slippers 75.775 tan.
WOW! Doesn't she look stunning?! 
Bali vibes all over the place!
No matter your age, nothing will replace the sense of pure joy you get when you're swinging on a swing.
Larissa is wearing our ballerina lace-up shoes 68.038 oro (gold). They are made of the softest type of leather.
Play with the straps and wear them your way, life is fun!
Chunky sandals 75.670 copper have never looked so good! The chunky soles have a soft footbed.
They are comfortable, yet stylish. You can wear them all day and dance the night away. 
Thank you Larissa for inspiring us with your fashionable looks! 
Which beach will be next?