Hello beautiful isla Ibiza!

Dutch content creator and fashion stylist Larissa Bruin visited Ibiza. And guess what?
She took her favorite slippers and sandals with her. Together we take you on her Ibiza journey.

Feel the summer breeze and get inspired!

 Larissa combined her trendy mini shirt dress with our 75.791 gold mules

The upper is made of cracked gold, so when the sunlight finds your feet, the mules will shine brighty!
The platform soles are definitely a must have. Perfect for strolling around in Ibiza town.

When your outfit matches the beautiful streets of old town Ibiza, you smile! 
As you can see, colorful sandals like 75.765 taupe, are a great match with neutral and pastel tones.
We Dutchies loooooove cycling! It's such a fun way to explore the area. 
And there is lot to explore in Ibiza! Go and find the hidden beaches or visit the popular Hippy Market Punta Arabi.  
Either way, T-strap sandals 75.754 white are perfect for any occasion.

Going for lunch or a walk along the beach? Here you'll find some outfit inspiration by Larissa.
She is wearing Ibiza inspired beaded slippers 75.768 taupe.

Good shoes take you to good places! 
Thank you Larissa. Ibiza see you next time.